ACK new website and facebook page now online

The Wiesbaden Council of Christian Churches has just launched its new website and facebook page. Like the page on facebook and you will always be up to date with ecumenical matters in Wiesbaden, such as the upcoming worship service at the Bergkirche on 16 November 2016 at 6 pm, marking the end of the ecumenical “decade of peace”. From 6 to 16 November churches from different traditions are posting prayers for peace on the ACK facebook page. The website has information on all 15 member churches (in German only).

Board of Wiesbaden Council of Christian Churches (ACK) elected

ACK VorstandOn 31 May 2016 the local Council of Churches elected their representatives for the next four years. New are Pfarrer Stephan Gras (Roman-Catholic) as Chairman and Pfarrer Andreas Günther (Protestant, EKHN) as Secretary, while Deputy Chairman Yared Tsehaye (Ethiopian-Orthodox) and board member Dorothee Dziewas (Anglican/Episcopal) were re-elected and will continue their work on this ecumenical committee.

Here is a link to the German article on the website of the Roman-Catholic Limburg diocese


„Geist-reich“ – a truly spiritual event

The leaves of chestnut and lime trees made a perfect canopy with sunlight filtering through on the plain altar in the corner of our church garden. The tables and benches set up by helpful hands from our own parish and now awaiting members of all the different churches in Wiesbaden were soon occupied by old and young, by Protestants and Catholics, orthodox and free-church Christians who had come to worship and eat and share their faith together on this Saturday after Pentecost.

Geistreich 2016„You are the salt of the earth“ (Matthew 5,13) – that was the theme of the afternoon, and the colourful congregation contributed statements why they think they are „salt“ in this world – some of those statements were read out, the others pinned on a board for people to read. Father Chris officiated, the new ecumenical officer of the local Protestant church, Andreas Günther, delivered a great „maiden sermon“, and clergy and lay persons from other churches took readings and intercessions.

In order to let deeds follow the words, the collection of the day (almost 350 Euros) will go towards a joint project of the Staatstheater, the Theatergemeinde and the KANA youth church: „Fluchtpunkt: Schau!Spiel“ helps under age refugees to express some of their feelings in a creative way. The Martinsthal Schola helped with the hymns during the service, as well as getting everybody into the mood before the service started, and lots of our guests stayed on after the service to have coffee and cake and talk about their various ways of being church. All in all it was a great event where you could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit in the joy andlove between fellow Christians.

Thanks to everybody from our church who helped make this a success: Father Chris, Elaine, Roxanne, Heidi, Laurie, Ivan, Jim and Jim, Monika, John, Theo and Lyn.

Dorothee Dziewas

csm_Vorstand_ACK_in_Deutschland_2016_7379c77fbbThe Council of Christian Churches in Germany (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Christlicher Kirchen) works on a national, a regional and a local level.

In Wiesbaden the ACK has 14 member churches, St. Augustine’s being one of them.

Represented by our delegates, we are involved in ecumenical activities in the city, worshipping, celebrating and learning together about our faith.

Through our CAECG membership we are also members of the national ACK. Also Father Chris has recently been elected to the board of the national ACK (see picture)