During Lent we offer an additional weekly study opportunity. Recent topics have been a course offered by the Society of St. John the Evangelist called LoveLife (in 2014) and a course entitled “Meeting God in Mark” in 2015. The group usually meets at the church on Friday at 7.30 pm after the weekly Stations of the Cross devotional service.

In 2016 the topic is:

A Lenten weekly Bible Study looking at key themes in Luke’s Gospel – Friday at 7.30 pm (after Stations of the Cross) from Feb. 19 – March 18 (at the Church). Each week’s themes and reading is here: JOURNEYING WITH LUKE Schedule and Reading

As an additional Lenten discipline, Rev. Clair Ullmann (from Ascension, Munich) is partnering with Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation (shalem.org) to offer a 6-session course with online components. The course will begin February 21 and end March 27, 2016. Each week participants receive a Sunday email with a link to new course material online. There will also be opportunities for journaling personally and optional shared journaling online with the larger eCourse community. The cost per person of this 6 week experience is 50 euros. You will find more information about the course here: Invitation to Shalem Lenten Course. If you want to join, please send Clair+ an email at: revclair@gmail.com .The deadline for registration is Feb. 12, 2016.