Welcoming the Stranger at St. Augustine’s How you can help:

1. Refugee Centre American Arms Hotel

Many of us kAAHnow the former American Arms Hotel. Just up the road from our church, it used to be a place where military new to Wiesbaden spent the first few weeks with their families while waiting for more permanent housing.

Today’s inhabitants of the large building with it’s characteric star shape are also waiting. They are waiting for their status as refugees to be recognized, for their asylum applications to be processed and for their lives to return to something approaching normality. And they are waiting to be sent to a more permanent accommodation.

Our new neighbours have arrived a couple of months or a few weeks ago, having been transferred from Gießen, the Hessian central registration for refugees. They come fom Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Iran and Eritrea, and a third of them are under age.


One of our projects is MUSIC NIGHT for young adults. We have also supported the language courses at the centre financially with €250 from the Mission Sunday collection. Some of the residents are calling in and attending services/Kaffeeklatsch or just using our church for a moment of prayer. Please welcome them and engage them in conversation. And  there are opportunities for individual volunteers – especially teaching (basic) German or playing and working with children (20% of the 432 residents are 10 or younger, 11% between 11 and 17). Please speak to the Rector if you are interested.


2. „Rückenwind in Wiesbaden“ (rueckenwind-in-wiesbaden.de).
Is an organisation that collects bicycles for refugees in Wiesbaden, helps with repairs, and offers classes on road safety etc. Bicycles can be donated Tuesdays from 7 to 8 pm at the „Arbeitskreis Umwelt“, Rüdesheimer Str. 19 (side entrance). They also need money to buy parts, helmets, locks etc. (tax deduction possible) – the Outreach Committe has already given €250 from their budget: Flüchtlingsrat Wiesbaden IBAN: DE13 5105 0015 0135 1351 00 BIC: NAS-SDE55XXX Don’t forget the „Verwendungszweck“: Rückenwind Wiesbaden
3. „Küche Asyl“
Buy a cookbook with recipes, stories and pictures created in a school project in Biebrich, available at the Vaternahm Bookshop (see sample at the back of the church). The books cost 10 Euros (this is a minimum but higher donations are, of course, possible) which in total goes to pay for qualified German classes for young refugees who are not school age any more. Flüchtlingsrat Wiesbaden IBAN: DE10 5105 0015 0110 2783 22 BIC: NASSDE55XXX. Verwendungszweck: Küche Asyl