Handel’s Messiah

3rd December 2016

What is it about Handel’s brilliant music that brings people together to sing and to listen?  The people who came to listen to the Messiah at St Augustine’s on the 3rd December were by no means all churchgoers.  They were clearly music lovers but there are many concerts in Wiesbaden and nearby places that they could have gone to for the music.  No, there must be more to it than that, a message for us all at Christmas time and not only then, as the programme put it “The Messiah” for everyone.  The message of comfort, of good tidings, of rejoicing, ending in a magnificent Halleluja, this is the message we all need and what we heard on Saturday at St Augustine’s was very convincing.  Thank you to everyone who contributed:  to Erika le Roux for having the idea and putting it into place, to the musicians, the soloists, the choir, the orchestra, especially the violinist and the cellist who played non-stop, but thank you also to the audience for coming and sharing in this wonderful experience.


Special Service on World Aids Day

1st December 2016


Christmas Bazaar

19th November 2016

On the 19th November it was once again time for the Christmas Bazaar at St Augustine’s.  Hilary, our historian over from England for the occasion, was at the information table as usual.  Gaby welcomed everyone who came into church.  The British women’s table was full of good things to choose from.  Many members of our congregation and of the British Women of Wiesbaden group worked very hard to make this bazaar a joyful and interesting event – and also a great success financially. A big thank you to all the visible and not so visible helpers, such as the industrious Christmas cracker making ladies or the people who first erected and then dismantled the tables, benches and the big pavilion outside.

The church was full of interesting things to buy, delicious goodies to eat or take home, and friendly people.  People come to St Augustine’s to buy English marmalade, homemade jam, handmade crackers, and numerous other Christmas items.  They come to find a bargain at the Nearly New, enjoy a cup of tea or coffee with cake, or chili con carne or a hot dog with punch outside.  There are people who come to see friends they don’t see very often, to support St Augustine’s by doing at least some of their Christmas shopping at our bazaar.

Countless members of St Augustine’s did their part by contributing in many, many ways to make the bazaar a success.  Altogether we made €5,500, a major contribution to this year’s budget.  Thank you to everyone who contributed, only a very few of whose names appear here.


Anglican Evensong – 30th October 2016



Victorian Music Box

28th October 2016


2016 Summer Lunchtime Recital Series

What a Summer! The St. Augustine’s monthly Summer Lunchtime Recital Series (Musik am Mittag) during the summer months (May to September) came to an end on 21st September. Despite Erika LeRoux’ heavy schedule, she was able to find the time and the energy to present us with five performances of unusual and uplifting quality, with some of her very gifted musical colleagues and “friends”. A total of 450 guests came to the concerts, and the Recital Series raised over E 2,000.00 for St. Augustine’s in the course of the summer months.

But even more important than the financial success of the series, was the artistic impression it made on so many. As a friend of mine put it, “I left the church a better person after hearing Erika play. For some magical reason, the world is a better place because of her music.”

We are surely blessed to have Erika give so freely of her time, her energy and her incredible talent. Thank you to all of those who made the Lunchtime Recital such a tremendous success again this year.


Induction – Christopher Easthill as Residing Priest
Anglican / Episcopal Church of St. Augustine of Canterbury

19th June 2016



Music Night für Flüchtinge / for Refugees in the English Church, Wiesbaden

Aeham Ahmad 1

Aeham Ahmad will be the guest artist at St. Augustine’s Church on Frankfurter Str. 3, Wiesbaden on Friday August 26th, starting at 8pm. It is a part of our MUSIC NIGHT Event for young adults from the area, especially for the refugees at the old Arms Hotel. Come, hear and meet this amazing young man and make him and other refugees feel welcome.

20160821_075423Am Freitag, 26. August um 20.00 Uhr lädt die Kirche St. Augustine’s, die „Englische Kirche“, ihre Nachbarn von der American Arms Erstaufnahmeeinrichtung, aber auch andere interessierte jungen Erwachsene, zur 2. „Music Night“ ein. Aeham Ahmad, bekannt als „Pianist in den Trümmern“ im Flüchtlingslager Jarmuk, Syrien, gibt einen Gastauftritt. Alle Besucher sind aber auch eingeladen, ihre Lieblingssongs (auf Smartphone, CD, USB) mitzubringen, um über die Musik ins Gespräch zu kommen.

On 21 May 2016 the Wiesbaden Council of Churches celebrated Pentecost with its 15 member churches at St. Augustine’s.

Aeham Ahmad 2


Geistreich 2016

Article on “Geist-reich 2016” in the Wiesbadener Kurier


Bill Bowers

On Tues., 19 April, the Roman Catholic Dean of Wiesbaden, Klaus Nebel, handed over a cheque of € 5000 to Rev. Chris Easthill for renovation work to be done on the church building. Following a meeting in front of the Church, Chris showed our guests around and told them something about the history of the building and the community.

Cheque from Limburg Diocese

Bistum Limburg reports on the occasion

Our Time &Talent Auction (16 April) seemed to catch the fancy of local journalists. Two articles were published – before (Frankfurter Rundschau) and after (Wiesbaden Kurier) the event. Click on the link to read the article.

Frankfurter Rundschau 15 April 2016

FR Article

Wiesbadener Kurier 14 April 2016

WK Article


FAZ Article 17 Feb 2016


Gemeindebrief Kloppenheim S. 17