Save the date for the W.O.C Christmas and New Year Party on Saturday, 7th January at 12.00 noon

Andrea Noble has very kindly offered to host the Christmas/New Year Party at her house again (Richard-Otto-Str. 7, 65197 Wiesbaden). Please let Heidi Grau-Easthill, Easthill.Grau(at) know if you are coming and bring an appetiser, savoury or sweet, to share. Please also let Heidi know if you need a lift/ride. You can also take the bus No.  14 to “Heinz-Ranley-Str.” stop.


The Women of the Church meet on a monthly basis for afternoon and evening events of cultural awareness and fellowship. Our meetings are open to all church members – we do not have a formal membership and it is a good way for newcomers to get to know others and something about their new environment. Girls Night Out is part of this ministry.

On March 5th there was a planning meeting of the “Women of the Church” at the Parsonage.
A wonderful group of 11 female church members (new and long-term, young and not so young from different nationalities) attended the meeting. All thanked Jill Cross with a round of applause for her committed ministry for WOC in the last years. One of the topics discussed was the history of “WOC”. The group started in 1955: “A President was chosen for one year; also two women to serve the Altar … From then on the women got together planning the best way to help the Church.”[1] It was a way for woman to participate more actively and a little later two female technical representatives were able to join the (otherwise all male) Vestry. Nowadays female participation is not an issue anymore. But we still value the chance to spend time together as women. We came up with great ideas for the coming months. The WOC activities aim to serve all woman, and will therefore take place on different weekdays and on weekends. We hope to be able to present a preliminary calendar in next month’s edition.

All our activities will be announced in the newsletter,  and the weekly announcements.

Heidi Grau-Easthill

WoC Scrabble

[1] Hilary Norman, The English Church in Wiesbaden: A History, 2003, p.133