The Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe: Youth and Youth Leader Events 2017 – 2018
Cost of all events: 20 euros plus your own travel expenses (75 euros plus your own travel expenses for non-Convocation participants). Accommodation and meals provided.
Here’s an overview of the upcoming events: 2017_2018_Events Flyer_3.
  • Youth Leader Retreat: Brussels, Fri 13 – Sun 15 Oct. 2017
  • Juniors Across Europe: Clermont Ferrand, Thurs 10 – Sun 13 May 2018
  • Youth Across Europe: Florence, Wed 09 – Sun 13 May 2018

Believe in God – Senior Youth Group

The senior youth group (the BIG SYG) meets on the first Saturday of the month, usually at 5.30 pm at the church.
Who is welcome?
All youth aged 13 and over.
What do we do?
Sing songs, do some work with the bible, play games, go on outings and socials
What are we going to talk about?
Here are some subjects:
– What does God mean for you?
– What about other religions?
– Why does God allow bad things to happen?
– What has God done for you?
– What happens after you die?