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Getting Ready for the next 150 Years: St. Augustine’s Capital Campaign

“The name of the Lord is a strong tower.” (Proverbs 18:10)
The congregation of St. Augustine’s is privileged to have the use of a beautiful, historic church building in downtown Wiesbaden. It is a spiritual home for our diverse, international membership as well as a base for ministry and outreach to those in need in Wiesbaden and beyond. But we are also a cultural entity in Wiesbaden providing a wealth of cultural activities, many of which are fund-raising events.
If our church is to remain a “strong tower” for at least another 150 years, it requires significant care and attention to ensure that our building remains “the jewel on the park” that it is. This is also our responsibility as stewards of St. Augustine’s church building.

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Since the reconstruction of the church building after the fire of 1966 we have redecorated much of the interior of the building but there has been no major work on the fabric of the church for over forty years: now is the time!
Our vision is to

  • Restore the historic building
  • Renew our worship, education, and social space
  • Create a welcoming entrance area and easier permanent access for the handicapped
  • Provide more adaptable space for meetings


This overhaul of our facilities is 5 year phased project that will include:
• Restoration of the sandstone exterior beginning with the main portal
• Modernisation of our fire safety systems
• Repair of damage to interior walls caused by dampnessFenster
• Construction of a glass partition at the back of the church
• Provision of permanent access to the building for disabled visitors
• Installation of a second, wheelchair accessible WC
• Renovation of our sanitary as well as our kitchen facilities
• Restoration of our stained glass windows
• Modernisation of our heating and electrical wiring systems
• Modernisation of chandeliers with new lighting system
• Provision of easier maintenance access to roof and ceiling

The current estimate for all this work is over € 500,000.

We hope you will support this project and our work and witness in Wiesbaden with a financial contribution:

  • If you are a US resident you can contribute by US$ personal check made out to “Board of Foreign Parishes” with “Saint Augustine’s Capital Campaign” in the memo field (valid for US tax deduction).
    Send to St. Augustine’s Church, Frankfurter Strasse 3, 65189 Wiesbaden, Germany
  • In Europe you can donate directly to the special bank account:
    St. Augustine’s Capital Campaign
    IBAN: DE64 5107 0024 0033 8020 03
    (German tax payers will receive a tax certificate = Zuwendungsbescheinigung)


Alternatively, you can donate using PayPal:

Since our campaign began (in 2015) we have already received donations or pledges for nearly €350,000:

Most of this commitment so far has come from the church itself, demonstrating our own full commitment to this project. But we have also received donations from individuals, as well as institutions and organisations outside of St. Augustine’s, for which we are very grateful. These include: