The Old Catholic Churches of the Union of Utrecht 

Old Catholics are a group of national churches which at various times separated from Rome. The term “Old Catholic” was adopted to mean original Catholicism.

The Anglican Communion signed the Bonn Agreement with the Old Catholic Churches of the Union of Utrecht in 1931. This agreement of “inter-Communion” has formed the basis for an ongoing relationship mediated by the Anglican-Old Catholic International Co-ordinating Council.

Anglicans and Old Catholics are welcome to participate fully in each other’s worship and receive communion at celebrations of the Eucharist; clergy may act fully in each other’s churches. This was the first agreement of its kind that Anglicans had ever concluded.

Utrecht Union

The Old Catholic Church in Wiesbaden

The First Vatican Council (1869/70) triggered a new movement for Catholic Christians. This new movement with a lively tradition brought to life reflections on the origins of Christianity. This led to the setting-up of this “Catholic Reform Church”. After the Wiesbaden members of the parish had been guests in various churches, they began to build their own parish church in May 1899.

The Peace Church of Wiesbaden was created in Early Gothic style according to a design by the architect Max Schröder from Offenbach, with the assistance of city planner Genzmer and architect Nink. Local craftsmen and artists were commissioned for the interior decorations and furnishings. On 11 November 1900 the new church was consecrated by Bishop Theodor Weber and has served as the spiritual home to the Old Catholic parish ever since. A comprehensive renovation of the interior in the 1980s has turned the “Peace Church” into a jewel and work of art in Wiesbaden’s city centre.

Friedenskirche Wiesbaden