The Anglican Ministry in Mainz is a joint venture of St. Augustine’s, Wiesbaden, and Christ the King, Frankfurt. Services are held at the Christophskirche (Karmeliterplatz): Hintere Christofsgasse 3, 55116 Mainz

Since March 2020 (with a long interruption during the first Covid lockdown), we have been offering weekly Sunday services in Mainz at the Christophskirche. We also participate in the ecumenical peace prayers that take place each Friday.

Our services, usually a Eucharist, are at 3:00 pm, except for one Sunday a month when our Old Catholic partners offer a service at 6:00 pm (see calendar). Our services are bilingual (German/English).

You can learn more about the history of the Christophskirche in this short film (in German).