St. Augustine’s adheres to the Safeguarding_Policy_2019 of the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe and is committed to the safety of all, especially our children, youth, and vulnerable adults.

Contacts and Reporting Requirements:

Safeguarding Officer: Cynthia Ball,, +49 151 21715054

Rector: The Rev. Christopher Easthill,, +49 171 3560385

Senior Warden: Helen Centner,, +49 172 6805518

Please report any complaint from a child or vulnerable adult or any case of suspected abuse to one of the above. If the complaint or abuse results from a Convocation event, or from and event involving more than one congregation of the Convocation, the complaint should be reported to the Bishop and/or Convocation Safeguarding Officer:


Safeguarding Officer: Ms. Jocelyn Phelps,

Bishop: The Rt. Rev. Mark D.W. Edington,

Intake Officer (clergy misconduct): Ms. Maria Grazia Rizzo,


Germany has no special statutory reporting rules for child abuse or sexual misconduct. However, in their guidelines (Leitlinien zur Einschaltung der Strafverfolgungsbehörden), the “round table on sexual misconduct (Runder Tisch „Sexueller Kindesmissbrauch“) recommends that law enforcement authorities be informed when there is evidence of an offence under section 13 of the Criminal Code (‘Crimes against sexual self-determination’).

The police station responsible for St. Augustine’s is:

 1. Polizeirevier, Bertramstraße 3, 65185 Wiesbaden. Tel.: (0611) 345-2140

There is also a national helpline for those affected by sexual violence, for relatives, for professionals and for all interested parties. It is a point of contact for people seeking relief, counselling, support, advice, or information.