The Night of the Churches – Nacht der Kirchen – is an annual ecumenical event in which all the city centre churches and a number of suburban Wiesbaden churches open their doors on the first Friday in September from 6 pm until midnight.

This year, we are very excited about our program, which will feature an ongoing art exhibition – From Isis to Mary – as well as performances by a renowned Egyptologist and singer, Dr. Heidi Köpp-Junk.

This is an excellent opportunity to examines the traces of ancient Egyptian religions – specifically the goddess Isis – in the monotheistic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) and to understand more about the feminine aspects of divinity and the role of women in religion and society with the help of scholars and our fellow Christians from the Coptic Orthodox parish in Wiesbaden. The exhibition will continue through October.

Programme – Sept. 2, 2022:

18:00 – Anglican Evensong
19:00 – Coptic Psalmody
19:30 – Lecture by Daniela Rutica, artist and Egyptologist
20:30 – St. Augustine’s choir
21:30 – 4,000 Years of Love (music by Heidi Kopp)18.00 Uhr Anglican Choral 

The Coptic community is providing food and St. Augustine’s the drinks as a fundraiser for St. Augustine’s. Please come prepared to donate generously for what promises to be delicious food and beverages.

The church will be open the entire evening. Everyone is welcome to come, join in the conversation, see the art and enjoy the music.