The Anglican Ministry in Mainz is a Joint Venture of St. Augustine’s, Wiesbaden and Christ the King, Frankfurt. Services are held at the Christophskirche (Karmeliterplatz): Hintere Christofsgasse 3, 55116 Mainz

Since March 2020 (with a long interruption during the first Covid lockdown), we have been offering weekly Sunday services in Mainz at the Christophskirche (one Sunday a month by our Old Catholic partners. We also participate in the ecumenical peace prayers that take place each Friday.

Our services, usually a Eucharist are at 7.00 pm (Nov. – March) or 5:00 pm (April – October), except for one Sunday a month when our Old Catholic partners offer a service at 6.00 pm – see calendar). They are bilingual (German/English).

You can learn more about the history of the Christophskirche in this short film (in German).