Women of the Church Programme 2018

Monday 16th July, at 11.00 am (Kurhaus Bad Schwalbach): Outing to the beautiful Landesgartenschau in Bad Schwalbach, www.landesgartenschau.bad-schwalbach.de Jill Cross will take the group to Bad Schwalbach. After visiting the gardening exhibition, the group will have lunch together. If you would like a lift (ride), please contact Heidi (0157 85530125) meeting at the Church at 10:15 am

Check out all the activities planned for the summer months: WoC Programme 2018.

And do join us! More details are available from Heidi Grau-Easthill, easthill.grau(at)t-online.de

The Women of the Church meet on a monthly basis for afternoon and evening (Girls Night Out) events of cultural awareness and fellowship. Our meetings are open to all church members – we do not have a formal membership and it is a good way for newcomers to get to know others and something about their new environment. Recent events have included restaurant visits, a tour of the Wiesbaden Museum, and a visit to the Christmas market.

Women of the Church – planning meeting

On Saturday afternoon, 29 April 2017, Heidi invited all the ladies of the church to a planning meeting at her home. 11 ladies gathered at the parsonage and enjoyed afternoon tea while discussing new ideas for future WoC meetings. Heidi began by reading out the minutes of the last meeting and noted that there were activities on the list still to be tried out. During the course of the afternoon several new ideas were put forward and those present agreed that the organisation of events should be shared by everyone, rather than expecting Heidi to organise and carry out each event. WoC events range from eating out, visiting the cinema, museums, taking guided city tours, hiking trips, picnics, baby showers and brunching together.

WoC is open to all our ladies and occasionally some events include our menfolk! Even if you haven’t participated in any get-togethers so far, please remember you’re always welcome to join in. Watch out for upcoming events in the weekly email from Chris+, Facebook postings and emails from Heidi.

(Susan Pinnells)


On March 5th there was a planning meeting of the “Women of the Church” at the Parsonage.
A wonderful group of 11 female church members (new and long-term, young and not so young from different nationalities) attended the meeting. All thanked Jill Cross with a round of applause for her committed ministry for WOC in the last years. One of the topics discussed was the history of “WOC”. The group started in 1955: “A President was chosen for one year; also two women to serve the Altar … From then on the women got together planning the best way to help the Church.”[1] It was a way for woman to participate more actively and a little later two female technical representatives were able to join the (otherwise all male) Vestry. Nowadays female participation is not an issue anymore. But we still value the chance to spend time together as women. We came up with great ideas for the coming months. The WOC activities aim to serve all woman, and will therefore take place on different weekdays and on weekends. We hope to be able to present a preliminary calendar in next month’s edition.

All our activities will be announced in the newsletter, www.staugustines.de  and the weekly announcements.

Heidi Grau-Easthill

WoC Scrabble

[1] Hilary Norman, The English Church in Wiesbaden: A History, 2003, p.133