The 2020 activities of these and all the otehr groups and committees and guilds at St. A’s are decribed here. AGM Reports 2021.

Overview of Vestry Committees:

Principles: “Each committee shall include at least one Member of the Vestry” (III.9.1) and each member of the Vestry to be a member of at least one committee

Standing Committees
(C = Chair, V = Vestry Member)

Standing Committees

  1. Financial Management Committee (mandatory)
    Purpose: advise treasurer and vestry on financial matters including budget, reporting, and stewardship
    Jim White C
    Tim Hawken V
    Gaby Marahrens
    Wendy von der Pforte
    Chris Easthill+
    (Heidi Grau-Easthill – advisory capacity only)
  2. Endowment Fund Committee (mandatory)
    DuWayne Bredvik
    Peter Hellbach V
    Susan Pinnells V, acting chair
    Jim White (V and ex officio as treasurer)
    Chris Easthill+ (ex officio)
  3. Outreach Committee
    Purpose: Plan and organize the outreach initiatives of the parish. Propose use of outreach budget
    Victoria Cashio
    Deborah Cole C
    Fleur Donecker C
    Wolf-Dieter Donecker
    Dorothee Dziewas
    Chris Easthill+
    Monika Ehrentraut
    Justice Onuoha V
    Theo Patsios
  1. Fine Arts and Fun(d) Raising Committee
    Purpose: plan and organize concerts and other fund-raising events
    Ivan Williams
    Madeline Bohr V and C
    Ashley Cross
    Deborah Cole
    Tim Hawken V
    John Richards
  1. Buildings and Grounds
    Purpose: support the Jr. Warden in his responsibilities for caring for our facilities
    Audrey Shankles
    Robert Vukovic V
    Tom Brooks
    Monika Barget
    Geoffrey Walkiden
  2. Executive Committee (of the Vestry)
    Purpose: Prepare Vestry meetings and decisions; other tasks as delegated
    Chris Easthill+ C
    Priscilla Adenuga
    Peter Hellbach
    Susan Pinnells
    Jim White
  3. Formation and Education (Sunday School, Nursery, Youth, Adult)
    Purpose: plan and coordinate Christian formation
    Chris Easthill+ (Overall coordination and responsibility)
    Deborah Cole (Youth)
    Greg Rampinelli V (Adult Formation)
  4. Communications
    Overall meetings only when communications strategy to be reviewed, most meetings at team level:
    Newsletter: Madeline Bohr V, C, Chris Easthill, Elaine White
    Website: Linda Bredvik (editor), Robert Ramsay (webmaster)
    Facebook/MailChimp: Chris Easthill+, Christine Spethman (MailChimp deputy)
    Photo material: Lisa Pickersgill
    Press/PR: Madeline Bohr
  1. Hospitality
    Purpose: coordinate regular hospitality (Coffee Hour and Kaffeekatsch) and for special social/fellowship events (AGM, picnic, Night of the Churches ….)
    Elaine White V
    Michelle Brooks
    Bettina Gies V
    Jeanne Nelson
    Fleur Donecker
  2. Digital Ministry (new)
    Chris Easthill (Overall coordination and responsibility)
    Linda Bredvik
    Deborah Cole
    Greg Rampinelli


Other Committees (not Vestry)

Worship Committee (M = also members of the ‘Music Section,’ former Hymn Selection Committee)
Purpose: review and planning of worship and liturgical music

Chris Easthill+ C, M
Val Röcker (Altar)
Robert Ramsay (Chalice Bearers)
June Dewell (Lectors)
Valeria Eiseman (Acolytes)
Peter Hellbach (Ushers)
Douglas Robinson+ (Priest Associate)
Ivan Williams (Choir) M
Erika Le Roux (Organist)
Ashley Cross (Bulletins) M
Fleur Donecker M
Robert Vukovic V