„Kurzweil“ mit Kurt Weill

Together with soprano, Claudia Grundmann, chanson singer, Ulrike Neradt, and Erika Le Roux (piano), the English Church would like to invite you to a “Kurt-Weil-Review” on Sat., 12.10.19, at 19:30. On the occasion of Kurt Weill’s 120th birthday, the review will feature his own songs – some of them for the first time – as well as pieces he composed together with Bertolt Brecht, and music he wrote while in exile in France and USA.

Rock in the English Church
Darmstadt Project “Deep Organ on Rock” 

On Friday, 17 May 2019, at 7.30 pm bass riffs and church organ chords will blend at St. Augstustine’s – an unusual performance by the D.O.O.R Project founded in 2007. 

The church organ and electric guitars as well as drums and sax will bring rock classics to life, among them songs by Deep Purple, Santana and The Doors.

There will be no entrance fee to this multi media concert, but generous donations are very welcome, as proceeds will benefit the  D.O.O.R Project, the Protestant Johanneskirchengemeinde, and St. Augustine‘s.